VO2 Max Medical is located at 611 Route 46 West, Suite 201, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ and founded by Dr Harry Pino in 2008. Our mission is to offer the highest and most scientific performance testing available through the use of VO2 testing.


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Why Test? Why Us?

Why Us?

VO2 Max Medical founder Dr Harry Pino, in partnership with the New Jersey Chiropractic & Sports Recovery, is pleased to offer comprehensive VO2 max metabolic testing. Each test is personally conducted and interpreted by Dr Pino. He’ll meet with athletes and coaches to discuss test results and provide in-depth interpretation and training recommendations. VO2 Max Medical uses validated protocols, and accurate equipment for data collections and interpretation. 

What is VO2 max testing?

VO2max measures the body’s ability to use oxygen. In endurance activities such as running, cycling and swimming, the amount of oxygen the muscles can use is an important factor in determining performance potential.

Why is VO2 max testing important?

Exercise testing will allow the staff a snapshot in time regarding an athlete’s training program and current level of fitness. These tests help determine the specific heart rate and training zones for individual athletes and help coaches and athletes to adapt their training programs to target underdeveloped energy systems.


Athlete Performance and Lactate Profile

$250.00 - Initial Visit

$200.00 - Follow Up

Complete Metabolic Profile:

$200.00 - Initial Visit

$150.00 - Follow Up

Double Mode Profile:

$300.00 - Initial Visit

$275.00 - Follow Up

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Profile:

Complete Metabolic Profile:

$100.00 - Initial Visit


Want to know how to get started?

Getting started is easy! Just contact Dr. Harry Pino to get started today!

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Getting Started

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